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Out now: Champagne People (Allen Stone 2023 Rework)


Benny Sings invites you to a musical journey back in time with the 20th Anniversary Edition of his debut album, ‘Champagne People.’
The album was written and produced by Benny himself in 2002-2003 and marks the genesis of his illustrious career. Now, 20 years later, he adds 5 bonus tracks, including a rework of ‘Champagne People’ by American Soul Singer Allen Stone, which is released today.

Allen Stone: “I heard Benny Sings in my little two-door apartment in Lynnwood, Washington back in 2008 I believe on Myspace. I was searching around Myspace and I don’t know how I stumbled across Benny and his music but I think the first song I heard was ‘Let Me In’ [and I was like] “Yo, who’s this guy? He had these cool pictures where I think he was holding a cat in one photo, big old hair, and his music was just funky as I’ll get out. Benny reached out and he knew that I was a fan and he asked me to re-envision his classic song ‘Champagne People.’ So I did. Dreams come true. I’m here to tell ya.”

Benny Sings: “For the re-issue of ‘Champagne People’ we asked some people to remake some of my songs. Feel very honored that Allen Stone said yes. Came up with this crazy version of Champagne People. Thanks Allen! Enjoy everyone!”

About Champagne People
The story behind the album is as enchanting as its music. Benny Sings’ story began with an interrail trip to Morocco, during a time when he felt lost in life. He carried around a tape filled with demos including the blueprints of classics “Twist You Around” and “Champagne People”. The demos captivated fellow travelers during a camping stop in Spain, sparking his music career. Returning with a beard symbolizing newfound strength, Benny embarked on a transformative journey, leading to the creation of his iconic debut album, “Champagne People”. 

Today, we celebrate 20 years of his musical legacy. Join us in raising a glass to 20 years of musical brilliance as we revisit “Champagne People” – a timeless masterpiece from Benny Sings. The vinyl 20th anniversary edition is remastered and pressed on 180-gram white vinyl with 2 new original Benny Sings songs. The digital album comes with 5 bonus tracks, including collaborations with Allen Stone & Mocky.

Benny Sings – Champagne People 20th Anniversary Edition tracklist

1. Twist You Around
2. Party
3. Unconditional Love
4. N.U. 
5. Melissa Davis
6. We Ain’t Going Nowhere 
7. Together
8. Style Beats Liberation Fronts

9. Dust
10. Champagne People
11. NO!
12. Miss You More Than I Thought
13. Champagne People (Allen Stone 2023 rework)
14. Party (Mocky 2023 rework)
15. Party (Marnix FJ rework)

Listen to ‘Champagne People’ Allen Stone 2023 Rework here.
Find more info on Champagne People 20th Anniversary Edition album on vinyl or digital here.

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