Bnnyhunna (Benjamin Ankomah) is a Ghanaian emerging artist who grew up in the South East part of Amsterdam. As his young life came with challenges he found his remedy by discovering the ultimate way to express himself  through music. In church he learns to play piano, drums & guitar. Since then emerging, Bnny has cultivated a distinctive sound influenced by a diverse musical upbringing and legends like Fela Kuti, Yusef Dayes, Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell Williams. Following his departure from high school, Bnnyhunna embarked on a music career, collaborating with notable artists such as Rimon, Jose James, and Arp Frique, Nnleg, Gaaida & Akwasi.

He takes on roles in writing, producing, and playing nearly all the instruments. His fusion of jazz, hip hop, R&B, and afro, influenced by his West-African background, coupled with a commitment to authenticity, has captured attention, establishing him as a rising star.

Bnnyhunna kicked off his solo career by sharing his unorthodox debut project ‘SINTHA’ (2021). With the fourtracker things developed fast; selling out his first headline show with Kokoroko as surprise act, worldwide support from platforms like Highsnobiety, VICE and Complex, playing at prestigious festivals like North Sea Jazz, Montreux & Down The Rabbit Hole and touring with his band.

With his art Bnnyhunna brings new perspectives in the contemporary status quo to improve the ‘regular’ experience of listening to music. Bnny aims to stimulate all senses of his audience and find new spaces in art. He experiments by using expressions of various art forms such as photography, videography and poetry. His ultimate goal is to create an inclusive and inspiring community to share his values and worldview.

MANAGEMENT | Soepermarkt
LABEL | Orange Blues