Pitiful by Remi Wolf co-written by Benny Sings

Benny Sings co-wrote the just released new track ‘Pitiful’ by US artist / singer Remi Wolf. ‘Pitiful’ is from Remi Wolf new third album ‘Big Ideas’. The song is written together with Remi Wolf and Jared Solomon (Solomonophonic).    It is not the first time Benny and Wolf work together. On Benny’s latest album ‘Young Hearts’, Wolf […]

Joya Mooi releases new single “Poster Child”

Singer-songwriter Joya Mooi releases her new single, “Poster Child,” today. Inspired by Nola Hatterman’s 1930 painting “Op het terras,” the song reflects on feeling unnoticed and unrecognized, resonating with untold stories from history. Blending a chill, neo-soul vibe with Joya’s introspective narrative, “Poster Child” offers an immersive escape that celebrates vulnerability and resilience. This track […]

Benny Sings co-written and produced: ‘Darkest Part’ by JONES

Following the success of her recent single “Star,” renowned London-based musician “JONES” released another track named “Darkest Part”. The single is co-written & co-produced by Benny Sings and delves into the depths of human emotion while emanating a ray of hope. “The song came to fruition effortlessly, driven by a shared passion for creating music […]

Benny Sings wins Buma Music in Motion Award

We won! Congrats to Benny Sings for winning the Buma Music In Motion Award in the category ‘Podcast and Radio Audio Design’. This is Soepermarkt’s first Buma award as (proud) publisher for the music Benny composed for the Dutch podcast ‘Meer Verhalen, Gastvrije Randmeren’.  Check out the podcast HERE.

Joya Mooi returns with self preservation anthem ‘Don’t Answer’

South African-Dutch singer-songwriter Joya Mooi has shared her new single ‘Don’t Answer’, ushering in a new chapter of her musical journey with a forthcoming EP set to drop this summer.  Produced by Johannesburg based pop-funk duo Easy Freak, ‘Don’t Answer’ follows the release of Joya Mooi’s profound double-album ‘What’s Around The Corner’ in 2023 which […]

Luka cowrites and features on new single by Willem Ardui 

‘Lichtjaren’ is Luka’s debut singing in Dutch! The first outlines for the song were written back in 2022. Not knowing the song would end up on Willem Ardui’s highly anticipated solo-album ‘Oevers’ (out via Universal). Lichtjaren is a mesmerizing beautiful song inspired by the book ‘In Lichtjaren heeft niemand haast’ by Marjolijn van Heemstra.  Listen […]

Benny Sings nominated for MIMA award

Benny Sings (Tim van Berkestijn) is nominated for a ‘Music In Media Award Podcast- en Radiovormgeving’ for the music he composed in the Dutch podcast ‘Meer Verhalen, Gastvrije Randmeren’. Check out the full podcast series via this link. About the podcast: Together with seven unique thinkers, explore in this podcast the future of a valuable […]

Eva Valery releases ‘And So I Grow’, mixed and produced by Marnix FJ

Today Eva Valery released her new single And So I Grow. The song was mixed and produced by songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Marnix FJ. Eva Valery: “This song is my subconscious telling me years ago that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. When I wrote this song with my love at […]