Benny Sings is back with a new song: ‘The Only One’

A new slice of blissful soul-pop from one of the best to do it: Benny Sings is back with a new song ‘The Only One.’ Benny and his keyboard player/collaborator Adam Bar-Pereg wrote the song in their native Amsterdam and Benny finished it in L.A. and London.

Benny says “The Only One is about a man losing touch with reality, obsessing (yet again) over a woman. I sing differently than I normally do, but I couldn’t help getting sweet and smooth again in the chorus.” The process of creating ‘The Only One’ flowed as sweetly as its sparkling guitar riff: “Normally there would be a lot of sweat and tears in the creation process, but not this time.”

Benny adds: “At the time, we talked a lot about the concept of ‘safety’. A Korean fan had said that my music ‘made her feel safe’. I liked that so much, I think that can be a nice feature of music.”

‘The Only One’ is now available on Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp