Jochem & Joris Tromp launch Syrup Music

Jochem & Joris Tromp launch new label Syrup Music and announce the release of new single ‘Saurus’ by Lander & Adriaan as its first release, which was released today. “We aim to be curators with Syrup and bring music that we love to the forefront. Music that we want to support, with our knowledge & […]

DME Talks Podcast – Ep. 23: Business in Japan: How to Prepare?

In November, a delegation from Dutch Music Export is going on a trade mission to Japan. What can you expect when doing business in Japan? Why is it such an interesting market for artists? And why should you already order business cards? Jochem Tromp discusses this with Emilie Kannekens from MassiveMusic and Sander Petit from […]

DME Talks Podcast – Ep. 22: What does AI mean for the music industry?

Who owns the rights to a track if it’s written by AI? Should we be concerned about personal creativity disappearing? Will we still be able to recognize original human voices in the future? And can it be compared to an old-fashioned rhyming dictionary? In this episode, Jochem discusses these questions with lawyer and professor Dirk […]

DME Talks Podcast – Ep. 21: What is the power of music in advertising?

How do you write a track for a brand? What can Cannes Lions offer you if you work in the music industry? And what are the latest trends in music advertising? Jochem discusses this with Lotte Sterk, creative / A&R Manager at Pennies from Heaven, Seppl Kretz, co-founder and creative director of Magma Music Agency, […]

DME Talks Podcast – Ep. 19: In conversation with Dennis de Groot

He is an influential colleague, the founder of ‘Okay, Sounds Great’, and a member of The Recording Academy. In this episode of the Dutch Music Export Talks Podcast, Jochem Tromp talks to Dennis de Groot. Besides working for his own company, Dennis de Groot is also a D&I advisor for ESNS and Events Manager for […]

DME Talks Podcast: Two new episodes, live from ESNS

Listen to two new episodes of the Dutch Music Export Talks Podcast, live from Eurosonic Noorderslag, hosted by Jochem Tromp. Episode 14, Live from ESNS: Why should we focus on Spain?Eurosonic Noorderslag invited great talents and interesting speakers for another bustling edition in Groningen. We were there and spoke to Oscar Strajn (booker for ESNS). […]

ESNS panel: ‘Artist management is a high-performance sport’ Hosted by Jochem Tromp

Artist management is a high-performance sport. What can the music industry learn from the world of sports? During ESNS we can immerse ourselves in the world of high-performance sports. Careers of top athletes and well-known artists often show many similarities. What things can we learn from the sports world? Led by Jochem Tromp (manager Benny […]

Dutch Music Export Talks Podcast – Ep. 15

In a world in which COVID seems to be slowly disappearing to the background, a new series of problems is surging in live music. Shortage of staff and equipment, restricted access to foreign countries, and a marketing strategy that’s no longer to be used. How do you cope with that as a manager of some […]