We are a boutique A&R driven music management agency based in Haarlem, specialized in music management, marketing and publishing.
Soepermarkt is Jochem Tromp’s company.
After working in management and marketing positions for several music companies,
Soepermarkt was founded in 2010.

Soepermarkt is specialized in music (artist & project) management, marketing, publishing & consultancy.
Soepermarkt is distinguished by its creative, fresh and contemporary approach
and years of experience and extensive international network.
Soepermarkt works with artists, brands & companies like Benny Sings, GOSTO, Luka, Agents After All, In Holland, Pennies From Heaven, The Missing Sync, Ajuma.

We aim to provide the right service with a strong focus on long term strategy, bringing management & marketing together in a rapidly changing music market.  We have a strong national and international network and years of experience.

For companies we provide project management within music. Connecting companies and brands with artist and festivals, advice in soundlogo’s production or programming.

Experienced in branding for different brands, companies and artists with great events and publicity over the year. Examples of brands we are working or have worked for are Duvel, Damrak, Wednesday Whiskey, Goliath,  Jazzism, Sublime FM, 22 Tracks, Kornuit, Vedett

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