New music by Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet

New music by Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet (production by Falco Benz).

“This One” is the first single of the new album, due in June 2020 on Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv.

“This One”: Two tantalising voices meet absolutely genuinely fusing instantly into a melodic oneness of unparalleled intimacy and simultaneous intensity. Experiencing this sovereign leisureliness coupled with enormous ease one could be fooled into thinking Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim have resurrected. The love song has only little elements of Bossa Nova in it though, much more must it be labelled bedroom lullaby pop with lots of hum along potential. Almost a wistful preview for the upcoming album full of timeless pop music classics.

All songs of this upcoming album, due June 2020, will be represented by Soepermarkt Music Publishing (in association by Pennies From Heaven Publishing).

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