Soepermarkt Music Publishing is a joint venture with Pennies From Heaven and The Missing Synch.  We are an independent music publisher representing different songwriters, composers and producers. We represent the catalog from multiple artist including Benny Sings, GOSTO, Roos Jonker and Dean Tippet and Joris Feiertag.

A hands-on and proactive approach with a combination of modern administration tools and in personal contact. Allowing songwriters to focus on the what they do best; making music, writing songs.

We also specializes in music productions for all forms of audio-visual communication. We work with ground-breaking artists and composers each with his or her own unique skill and style.

Recent work we’ve placed under games, serie’s or commercials are Benny Sings’ Not Enough – Konami PSE Football Game, Benny Sings co-wrote ‘Lovin Is Easy’ for HBO’s ‘Love Life’ serie, Roos Jonker for ANA (All Nippon Airways). One of the latest music productions we did was for the movie ‘Planeet Sok’ commissioned by Part Of A Bigger Plan and composed and prodcued by Benny Sings