Luka releases new EP: ‘Reworks’ [FSOLG]

Luka releases new EP: ‘Reworks’ [FSOLG]

Out now! Luka’s newest EP called: ‘Reworks [FSOLG]’, released via Snowstar Records.
Featuring Willem Ardui of Blackwave, Julien Barbagallo from Tame Impala and Wannes Salomé.

“I’m super honored that these amazing musicians made a rework of my album songs.
I love how it travelled all over the world and ended up becoming a new little universe. Thanks for your beautiful creations, it got me inspired! I’m currently writing new stuff and preparing for our coming shows & fall tour”
– says Luka.

Stream ‘Reworks [FSOLG]’ here:
Spotify // Apple Music // Deezer // Bandcamp

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