GOSTO releases new EP ‘HOME FOR DAYS’


Musician, singer-songwriter and producer GOSTO is back with his new EP ‘HOME FOR DAYS’. After two years of silence, GOSTO finally started releasing new music in 2021. The EP contains the previously released singles ‘Yurnodalone‘, ‘I Don’t Mind‘, ‘Lucky Night‘ and ‘What It Means‘ together with the new single ‘FOCUS‘. This EP stems from the sheer amount of time that the pandemic brought about.

GOSTO challenged himself to develop his sound- and production skills and the music that resulted from it felt like a bonus to him. In the new music his own sound resonates in a new way. The instruments are recorded and edited analogously, keeping the imperfection of the recordings intact. The result is this new EP, which he is so passionate about that he wants to share it with as many people as possible.

The new single ‘FOCUS’ is a collaboration with Someone; the project of Dutch-British musician, producer and visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson. When creating ‘FOCUS’ they felt the need to create something energetic and somewhat ironic.

The collaboration with Tessa was so inspiring because she stands in the music world with so much energy and enthusiasm. Tessa can and does a lot herself, so the end result is always clearly visible.” – GOSTO

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