Benny Sings releases new Beat Tape album!

Benny Sings - Beat Tape 2

Beat Tape II is the follow-up to the April album ‘Music’. With Beat Tape II, Benny Sings goes back to his hip-hop roots, where the career once started. Beat Tape II was created in collaboration with 13 different artists from the US, UK & NL. In addition to collaborating with one of the most sought-after producers of the moment, Kenny Beats, Grammy nominated Cory Henry has also collaborated with emerging talent such as Rae Khalil and St. Panther and renowned names such as Mocky, Faberyayo & Cory Henry and Oddisee.

“The first Beat Tape was just that: some beats and demos I had laying around. That was a while ago, and now I had one of those piles again. So I thought it’s time for a Beat Tape II. And then I came up with the idea to actually have rappers rap about it, as a kind of tribute to the place where it all started: hip-hop. I started making music in the mid nineties, listening to De la Soul, and all that kind of hip-hop. Nowadays, because of my international career, I can also ask really cool people for that, the real deal so to speak. So I’m very happy with the final album, filled with a lot of super sick artists” says Benny.

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