Benny Sings joins Stones Throw Records

We’re very proud to announce that Benny Sings has signed with Stones Throw Records.
Benny: “Stones Throw to me and my surroundings is an institution. That my tracks will be released under that same flag is a dream come true.”

To celebrate this new co-operation, we’re releasing a new track: ‘Passionfruit’. Benny says on this Drake cover: “This was one of my favorite songs for a while. We played it a lot when we were in L.A. for writing sessions actually. I love that real populair music can sometimes still reach me. Pop music has always been my goal. liked the idea of presenting the song in a more old fashioned conventional way. To show that the actual song is really good.”

Click here to stream Benny Sings’s ‘Passionfruit’.

Read Stones Throw Record’s press release by clicking here.

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